About the  Ballater Local History Group


The Ballater Local History Group (BLHG), was formed following a public meeting at the Albert Hall in Ballater on 30-Jan-2008 and since then we have attracted a large and growing membership. .


A Steering Committee was formed to manage the affairs of the Club and a Constitution was drafted and approved by our solicitor.


Due to the efforts of dedicated history lovers in Ballater, BLHG was able to start from day one with a healthy archive of photographs and stories.  Particular thanks go to Bell MacAulay and Mike Franklin for their work on acquiring a significant collection of photographs and other items over the previous years which formed a sound foundation for BLHG’s archive.


Following BLHG public meetings and presentations, the folk of Ballater have become enthused by what they’ve seen and many have generously provided us with copies of their old photos and other items for our growing archive an early addition of which, was the late the Lulu Gillies collection of photos and papers now copied to our archive.   Thanks goes to Kath Anderson who arranged and managed the acquisition.


The Committee is grateful to all those who have most generously contributed their old pictures and documents to be scanned (& returned of course) now added to the archive. To date we have in excess of 3300 items (mainly photos) in the archive. We are beginning to acquire video recordings and using our digital voice recorder, we have begun to capture that most elusive element of our history, the spoken word, telling us directly of times past.


BLHG conduct a public meeting in the Albert Hall during the Winter months on the  last Wednesday each month (October to March),  where a presentation is given on historic topics associated with the Ballater area.


If you have photographs, films, stories or audio records of Ballater life that you would like to share, please email details to our archivist, Gordon Riddler at gordon.riddler@btinternet.com . Or you can pop in to Cassie’s on Bridge Street and have a chat with me about them.


Community support for this venture has been outstanding and we thank every one of you.


Alistair Cassie

Chairman BLHG